The Outer Carriageway 'String' of the Roundabout is not included in the Surface Model
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 09 March 2010 11:14 AM

I have made a Roundabout and added it into the Auto Model, but the outer carraigeway is not being included all the way around the roundabout.

When a Roundabout is created in an intersection, the software stores a record of the Roundabout cross sections applied and includes it in the Auto Model process (trimming out the overlapping features at the intersection and re-projecting the kerb 'pavement' up to the outer edge of the circulating carraigeway of the Roundabout.

The inclusion of the outer circulating carriageway 'string' is made on the basis that the inner island cross sections include a code (either LDUM or RDUM pending which side of the CL it is on) that is automatically 'attached' to the string of the outer circulating carriageway. 

If the cross sections you apply to the Roundabout inner island String do not have either the LDUM or RDUM code included then the roundabout 'pavement' will not be included in the cross sections and will not be properly included in your final model.  You can add in the 'DUM' code by either:

  • editing the Template you applied to include this code, or
  • use the Variation of Insert Section to create the DUM code (regardless of the values you set, this code will immediately snap onto the outer carriageway String once the code is created)

Version: ARD 2010.00

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