Hidden Forms (not displaying on your monitor)
Posted by Jason Coghlan on 02 September 2021 08:37 AM
A form opens but I can't see it - why?

After you open a form with Civil Site Design or Stringer Topo, reposition and then close it, the software 'remembers' the form position. When you next run the same command, the form will open up in the last saved position.

If you open a drawing that another designer has used (with a different monitor configuration) or you disconnect/rearrange your monitors, it could be that the form will display in a position where a monitor isn't attached (so you don't see the form).  

So, how do I fix it?

When a form does open, even if you can't see it on screen, you will find a miniature of it when you hover over the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen and hover over your CAD application.  You can normally restore the form onto your main monitor by:
  • Right clicking on the thumbnail of the form
  • Selecting 'Move' from the list of options
  • Pressing the down arrow on your keyboard (this will temporarily 'attach' the form to your mouse cursor)
  • Moving your mouse to where you want the form to be positioned and left clicking.
As an alternative to using 'Move' you could pick 'Maximise' and the form will display full screen on your main monitor.

Once the form is moved and closed, it should remember this new position when you reopen.

It is possible that the above method isn't available or doesn't work.  If that is the case please do the following:
  • Press [ctrl]+[shift]+[esc] to open the Task Manager
  • Expand the current CAD application and you should see a listing of the form under there
  • Right click on that entry and choose 'Maximise'.  It will then display full screen on your main monitor
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