Grips not Working
Posted by Jason Coghlan on 24 October 2013 02:14 PM

If you find that you only have one grip in the drawing when you pick on a point, it will have something to do with your elevation.


If you dont have any grips on some points it is because the of the level or non level you have on those points. If i do an EDP (Edit Point Code) on a point in question and then remove the -1E+20, the grip will come back but with this method you will have to do this individually for each point.

If you were to go into the Point Style that has been used on these points e.g. Circle (in your case), edit the point and go to the 3D Geometry and change it to Flatten Points to Elevation and make the Point Elevation 0.000m and then all your grips will come back to you.

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