AutoCAD Civil3D 2014 Changing Transformation Settings
Posted by Jason Coghlan on 26 November 2013 11:31 AM

If you have been doing your drawings in AutoCAD Civil3D 2013 version and have been applying the Transformation using a User Defined Scale factor, you need to make sure that you check that transformation in AutoCAD Civil3D 2014 as the settings may not come across with that drawing.

This may be caused from having the 2010 DWT or earlier where you need to save it as the newer version. If you have the older version this is when the settings from that older version won't get passed onto the drawing when opened in the latest version (2014).

So make sure you update your DWT every year a new version comes out (just open the DWT and save it in the new version) and then I'm pretty sure this issue won't/shouldn't come up too often

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