Advanced Road Design Menus and Ribbon not displaying in BricsCAD V15
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 09 January 2015 10:03 AM

Version:- ARD V15.02

Q: After installation of Advanced Road Design for BricsCAD, only the Toolbars display.  All the menus (Surface, Alignments, Roads, Pipes, General and Grading) do not display.  No Ribbons display.  How can I fix this?

A:  There appears to have been a change in how BricsCAD processes the menu when it is loaded programatically.  In the latest releases, it only loads the toolbars by default.  We are working with Bricsys to resolve this problem.  In the interim the process for addressing this is to:

  1. Type menuload at the command line
  2. Select ARD and click on Unload
  3. Click on the Load button and navigate to C:\ProgramData\CSS\ARD\Menu
  4. Select the ARDV15Bricsv15.cui and load it.

If you also do not see the Hec-Ras menu then the process is the same as above, however, you unload ARD-HEC and load the menu file ARDHEC2013-NET.cui

Affects: BricsCAD V15.1.7 and ARD V15.00 and later

Date Added: 9/1/2015

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