Changing the Starting Chainage of an Alignment #
Posted by Cameron Smith on 13 March 2020 10:25 AM

On occasions it may be required to change the starting chainage of an alignment or specify a start chainage other than 0.00. This could be due to a previously constructed road where the chainages are continuing from the previous stage works.

Civil 3D Alignments

When creating a new alignment from objects, the Create Alignment from Objects form there is a field  labelled with an "S" and by default set to 0.000m, or 0+00.00m depending on the station formatting of the drawing. Changing this value will set the new starting chainage for the alignment.

If the alignment has already been created the starting chainage can still be adjusted by selecting the alignment and opening the alignment properties. Then on the Station Control tab, set the Station value to the new desired starting value. Click ok to exit the chainages will be changed.

BricsCAD & AutoCAD ARD Alignments

When creating a new alignment, in the Alignment Details form that is displayed there is a button to set the start chainage on the Geometry tab. Clicking this button allows you to specify an alternative start chainage for the alignment.

A similar method can be used to change the starting chainage of an existing alignment, by selecting the Edit Alignment button and then choosing the alignment to edit, the same form is displayed and the option to Set the start chainage is accessible.

Note for ARD users: If the starting chainage is modified on an existing design element (string/road) then a shift of the design information may be required. Please see Knowledge base article Perform a chainage shift on a design for details on this operation.

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