Merging design templates #
Posted by Cameron Smith on 13 March 2020 10:18 AM

Merge between templates

By default, when a change to a different template is defined, ARD makes a transition over between the templates over one sample length. For instance, if a road has been sampled every 10m then a transition between the templates will happen over 10m.

If the transition was required over a longer distance, then this can be achieved defining a merge template in the design data form. In the image shown above, I may want to merge from the first template to the second from Ch120 to Ch150.

To achieve this, I open the Design Data Form for the road and add the following entries:

Template Entry 1:

  • Start Chainage = 0m
  • End Chainage = 120m
  • Template Name = Metric Road 6m SM
  • Merge = No

Template Entry 2: (merge template entry)

  • Start Chainage = 120m
  • End Chainage = 150m
  • Template Name = Metric Road 6m 2.5mFP
  • Merge = Yes

Template Entry 3:

  • Start Chainage = 150m
  • End Chainage = 10000m
  • Template Name = Metric Road 6m 2.5mFP
  • Merge = No


Items to note:

When assigning templates to merge, it is essential they have been created using the same criteria for specifying the grade and that the codes used are consistent. For example, if template 1 has an LEB code define by slope and template 2 has LEB defined by height difference, then merging between these two templates will not work.
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