BricsCAD - ARD Cross Sections - Hatch Patterns #
Posted by Jonathan Taylor on 13 March 2020 10:15 AM

BricsCAD users who require hatching between two surfaces to demonstrate cut & fill on Cross Sections.

Historically (versions pre 16.01), ARD BricsCAD accessed the AutoCAD hatch patterns. Due to pattern naming differences, certain AutoCAD Hatch patterns in ARD BricsCAD would not display. ie. Honey. 

To rectify this, the hatch pattern file that is used by ARD BricsCAD, has been modified to access all BricsCAD hatch patterns.

If you are a BricsCAD user, you can copy the attached HatchingPats.txt file and overwrite the file in the following folder:


This will enable all BricsCAD hatch patterns to be available for use on Cross Sections.

 hatchingpats.txt (0.86 KB)
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