Menu/Ribbon not Showing in AutoCAD / Civil 3D 2017
Posted by Jonathan Taylor on 13 March 2020 03:13 PM

Civil Survey Solutions Application menus not displaying in AutoCAD or Civil 3D 2017?

Civil Survey Solutions software uses the in-built Autodesk Autoloader functionality to load menus after software (such as Civil Site Design and Stringer) are installed.

For some users installing the software is not resulting in the Autoloader ‘doing its thing’ and loading in the new menu system.

Autodesk have identified this as a bug and have provided a hotfix to address the problem. So, if you’ve installed software for AutoCAD or Civil 3D 2017 and the menu/ribbon isn’t displaying, you should follow the instructions as per this hot fix:

After you replace the problem file, restart CAD and the application menus will all display.

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