Model Viewer does not fully trim out the base surface to show the design #
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 13 March 2020 08:45 AM

Model Viewer not fully trimming the Base Surface for the Primary Design

There are cases where Model Viewer will not apply trimming between the base surface and the selected Primary Design surface (or other additional surface).  The most common cause of this issue is a 'discontinuous' design surface.

A triangle network surface must be connected, meaning for every triangle, there should be a path to any other triangle in the network. This is so that boundary routines can be calculated.

If your design surface/s is/are essentially is made up of two or more separate TIN surfaces (because they are not connected) the Model Viewer will be unable to form a valid trim boundary.

You can fix this problem by splitting this up into individual surfaces (each with one outer boundary) and add them both.  Trimming should then occur as expected.  

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