Working with Kerb Returns
Posted by Greg Cattarin on 10 March 2020 03:05 PM

How to avoid Potential Errors when Creating Kerb Returns
If you have difficulties in creating kerb returns with errors being displayed or not located correctly, go through these items correct any issues to see whether it may solve your problem.


  1. Check that the both Alignments are flowing and continuous - that is, there are NO kinks and Curves are TANGENTIAL to Straights or the next curve and NO gaps;
  2. Check the Point Connection Code settings in Active Drawing Settings (2nd tab);
  3. Check that the Codes exist at the required intersection (not removed by a variation);
  4. Check that the Side road alignment is long enough;
  5. Check that the Main road alignment is extended far enough beyond the
  6. At a 'T' intersection make sure that the Side road 'touches' the Main road (not cross it);
  7. Make sure there is NOT an IP on the Main road alignment for both 'T' & '+' intersections and an IP on the Side road alignment for a '+' intersection;
  8. Is there a profile control on the main road or the
    side road affecting the EB strings, so that changing the VC of the main/side
    WILL NOT change the kerb levels?
  9. Do the Road Cross Sections look OK?
  10. Do the Kerb Cross Sections look OK?
  11. Do the VC's list OK for the kerbs and the roads?
  12. Check the sections on the template and make sure that
    the codes are as expected and also check
    that the selected template exists.
  13. For a road that is being matched to existing lip-line,
    then make sure that the matching alignment touches the lip alignment, NOT the
    actual road alignment;
  14. Kerb Returns will be formed parallel to the road alignment not the connection code (by default EB), so if the connection code does not run parrallel to the centreline, consider extending the KR to a point where it is parrallel and using the Specify tab on the Kerb Return form.
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