Updating Vertical Geometry After Changin Alignment Geometry
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 06 May 2011 12:35 PM

Customer Issue Reported:

I have created a C3D alignment, then did a vertical design done in ARD. Subsequently a design change was required to a small section of the horizontal alignment.

It would be appreciated if you could advise what effect that will on the long section design and how you go about incorporating the altered centreline length back into to the VGE. i.e. how you deal with this in the VGE without having to re-do the whole vertical design. Note: this is long job in hilly winding conditions and the vertical grading was time consuming.


    ARD only stores chainage and level, so if the chainage of the alignment changes the location of IP's can go out of whack.  Resolution below:

    • Before editing the alignment, open the VGE and go into Compute VC from Existing Data.
    • Use the Export VC button to export the VC data out to file.
    • You get chainage, level and VC length in a file.
    • Then change the alignment.
    • Then use Resample Cross Sections to update that Road on the new alignment. Use Update All Roads if you have kerb returns or other elements in the design that should update based on the change to the road alignment.
    • Next, you open the text file that was outputted using the Export VC command, edit the chainage values (you could use Excel for it and copy the numbers back into the file).
    • Then go into the VGE, click on Compute VC from Existing Data and click on Import VC. Select the file and it will update all the design IP's and VC geometry from the file.

    Version: ARD 2010 and later

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