Chainage outside alignment range
Posted by Grant Lyons on 20 January 2012 04:20 PM
When creating a cul-de-sac there are occasions when a "Chainage outside alignment range" error occurs.
This usually happens when using the Asymmetric option as the alignment does not start and finish at the same coincidental point.
To remedy this try the following procedure;

  1. Click on Cul-de-sac button.
  2. Click on the cul-de-sac alignment.
  3. Make sure you are on the tab used to create the cul-de-sac and make a note whether the cul-de-sac is at the start or end of the alignment.
  4. Click on Vertical Grading Controls button.
  5. You will see 3 boxes "extend CL to" and 2 "transfer levels to".
  6. Click on the top box and pick the start of your cul-de-sac alignment.
  7. Click on the middle box and choose your desired location for the "extend CL to". The road alignment centreline levels will carry through to the location chosen then the cul-de-sac alignment will interpolate the remaining levels based on radians from the end of the "extend CL to".
  8. For the bottom box click on the end of the cul-de-sac alignment.
  9. Make sure the template in the pull down box is set to auto (if visible) if both sides of your road have similar codes otherwise your will need to use a custom template.
  10. Click on display vertical grading.
  11. Follow the rest of the process as normal.
  1. If this does not work and the cul-de-sac is at the end of the alignment add 1mm to 5mm to the value of each of the above mentioned boxes in step 5 and then follow on from step 8. If the cul-de-sac is at the beginning of the alignment then subtract 1mm to 5mm.
  2. Note that the points picked on the cul-de-sac alignment will report the chainages from the road alignment CL.
  3. The points picked on the cul-de-sac alignment will transfer levels from the road alignment to the cul-de-sac alignment. This means that if you want full control of the cul-de-sac alignment the above method is correct. If you want the road crossfall to dictate the cul-de-sac levels then pick points further into the alignment.

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Comments (1)
Kym Heier
31 July 2012 02:59 PM
When I do the above on an asymetric Cul-de-Sac which was working previously - I get the Chainage outside the alignment range when I click on the Vertical Grading Controls button
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