How do I make one cross section from two separate String Designs (each with their own cross sections)?
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 01 August 2012 10:23 AM

Use the Copy Codes command to make a single cross section that combines two (or more) string designs.  These can be Road strings or any string type.

Copy Codes lets you adjust the codes on a string design to match to the offsets and levels of a code from a different string.  The command is a Variation accessible from the Design Data Form.

So, you could make a 'master' template containing all the codes you need to represent the feature of the two (or more) cross sections you've designed on separate strings.  You apply this Tempalte to the String you are plotting.

You then run the Copy Codes command and map the codes that represent the other string cross sections to the actual codes from the other string. This would give you one single cross section representative of the two designs, as well as subgrade.

An example of how it would work is shown, below.  In this case, the 'main' string holds the codes describing the left and right sides of a road.  The actual design of the left and right sides has been delivered via two separate Strings (with their cross sections being calculated relative to the kerb lip) - the Copy Codes command allows the levels and offsets to be extracted from the two string codes and applied to codes on the 'main' string.

Copy Codes Example

Results as follows:

Copy Codes Example - Results

Have a look at the help system for details on this command.  This command is covered in detail as part of the ARD Extended training course.

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