Blocks on ARD Roads Cross Sections
Posted by Greg Cattarin on 02 August 2012 06:24 AM

As some Users may know (and for those that don't know) AutoCAD Blocks can be added to cross sections via the 'Add Blocks to Sections' on the 'Row Options' tab when 'Plot Cross Sections' is used.

These blocks may used to shade the Kerb & Gutter profile, add guide posts, light poles etc or in a recent ticket a Retaining Wall shape.

It has been identified, that there is a particular quirk with these blocks.  If they have been saved with 'Scale Uniformly' ticked on, they will not scale to the cross section shape.

If this has occurred, the only way to remove this parameter from the block is to:

  1. Start a new blank drawing.
  2. Insert the 'suspect' block and then BEDIT the block.
  3. Remove the Scale Uniformly property via the Properties palette and save it.
  4. WBlock the block back out and overwrite the existing block in the Common Folder.

You will then need to remove all instances of the block from your working drawing and purge it before redoing Plot Cross Sections.

Blocks can also be added via 'Boundary Line' and 'Boundary Line by Layer' options available in 'Set Row Options'.

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Comments (2)
Tom Henderson
28 August 2013 11:22 AM
Another problem i'm having with blocks inserted by ARD is that all attribute text is wiped from the block reference. I hope this issue can be ressolved in a new version of ARD.
Greg Cattarin
28 August 2013 05:39 PM
The Software Development Team have been made aware of this issue and are currently working on a solution.
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