Apply ARD Masking on Cross Section Plot
Posted by Andrew Banson on 08 August 2012 10:50 AM

Apply ARD Masking on a Cross Section Plot


Masking a section of a road on an ARD Cross Section plot is a two step process...

1) Select SET ROW INFORMATION from the Cross Section Plot Options. When the dialog is displayed, select MASKING CONTROLS. In order to remove a section of the road, select the MASK TYPE as '2 Alignments" and then specify each Alignment working out from the C.L. Alignment. For example, to remove the section between C.L. and LEB, you would first specify Align 1 as your main road C.L.  Alignment and then the Align 2 field will be set to the LEB Alignment. Ensure that when you add each Alignment, you set Align Trim to equal YES.

2) Once you have done this, you need to ensure that your Surface Profile entry has the Apply Masking option turned on. Highlight your Surface Design entry Data/Bands Control list and select the EDIT button. When the dialog is displayed, ensure that the APPLY MASKING option is selected.
Once you have followed these steps, the software will have masked your design profile between the two Alignment selected. Note: Masking can also be applied when using the Section By Feature Line option, which allows users to extract cross sections from a model.


Version: All versions of ARD (Since Masking was included in ARD)

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Tom Henderson
28 August 2013 11:36 AM
Although the alignment method described is a good feature, it would be great if there was an option to mask between two codes for a specified chainage range. Add to wishlist.
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