Stringer Connect Creating Points on Layer 0 in the Drawing
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 12 March 2010 11:07 AM

Stringer Connect imports points into Civil 3D on layer 0

Some changes were made in the Stringer 2010.01 build to allow for the inclusion of point attribute data from Total Stations to be included as points are imported into Civil 3D.  Additional point attribute data you capture in the field can now be managed, reported and displayed inside Civil 3D.

Unfortunately the AutoCAD Civil 3D API (programmers interface) to apply these attributes as part of the point import process and update the point groups results in all of the Civil 3D Points being inserted in the drawing on Layer 0 and without applying correct Point Styles as per the Description Key Set.  After clicking on Transfer Points from Stringer Connect and inserting the points in the drawing, the layers are not correctly assigned.

You can readily fix this problem by forcing Civil 3D to reapply the Description Keys to the points.  The process is:

  • From the Civil 3D Toolspace > Prospector Tab, click on the + to expand the Point Groups
  • Right click on the '_All Points'  Point Group and select Apply Description Keys.
All points will re-read the Description Key Set and update their assigned styles and layers.  

Stringer Version: 2010.01 and 2010.02
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