ARD Plotting Layer Controls - Keeping your Layer Properties
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 08 July 2013 11:06 AM

When you plot long and cross sections, ARD uses it's own layer list to create/recreate AutoCAD layers in the drawing.

Unless you explicitly say otherwise, ARD recreates the layer every time you plot.  If you've set up your own layer properties (colour, linetype, thickness) this is often not desired.  You can tell ARD not to create the layer if it exists in the drawing.

To do this:

- open the ARD layer list for long or cross section plotting

- match the Layer Name in here with layer/s in the drawing

- for these layers, set the Linetype to 'Bylayer - Use Existing Layer Settings' - this will make ARD use the layer in the drawing instead of recreating one.

Version: ARD V14.01 and earlier.

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