Setting Pipe Plot Datums in Advanced Road Design
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 29 August 2013 04:41 PM

Q: How Do I Control the Pipe Datum RL's Along My Pipe Network

A:  When plotting your pipe long sections, you may want/need to set your own datum RL values along each branch of the pipe network.  There are three levels of control for setting the datum RL's, accessed from the Edit Datum Controls button in the Pipe Long Section Plotting form:

  • let the software handle it, based on the height of the plot area, the scales and the height the pipe should be above the bottom of the plot view (this is the default option)
  • based on a particular vertical scale (which you set in Scale 1, Scale 2 or Scale 3 rows in the Edit Datum Controls form), have a single RL applied for all branches of the network, and/or
  • for individual pipes in the network, set the RL you would like applied (for certain vertical scales you set in Scale 1, Scale 2 and Scale 3 rows)

We have created a short video covering the options:

Version: ARD 2010 and later

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