'Review boundaries - design offsets extend past arc centres'
Posted by Andrew Banson, Last modified by Andrew Banson on 21 January 2014 09:08 AM

Review boundaries - design offsets extend past arc centres - Message

At certain sampled cross sections (on any string, but it usually happens at kerb returns and cul-de-sacs) there are codes (normally the batter) extending past the radial point of the CL string. This is causing a loop (or multiple loops) in the batters and resulting in ARD not being able to generate boundary lines to apply to the Civil 3D surface.

You will have to review the 2D polylines we output and correct these and add them manually as boundaries, or draw and add your own polyline/s for boundary/ies.
Or, you can review cross sections and see where the batter offsets are excessive (wider than the radius of the string) and correct these using the Batter Overrides in the Variaitons form (or editing the applied Template slopes).

ARD Version: V13 +
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