Adding Chainage Labels at Property Boundaries #
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How to Add Chainage Labels at Property Boundaries

It is usual in a subdivision setout to label the chainages at property boundaries.

In Civil 3D the process is:

  • Select the alignment
  • From the Ribbon, click on Add Labels dropdown, Station/Offset
  • Pick at each property boundary edge and labels are created
  • Select them all or in groups and apply the preferred Label Style so they look the way you want

In AutoCAD and other CAD systems, you need to use Advanced Road Design for this.  There are a few more steps:


  • Draw a polyline along each boundary with vertices at the property boundaries only
  • Turn these into alignments – in the Alignment form click on Annotation and then the Load Style button – select None for the labelling
  • Make a String out of these alignments and specify spacings of 1000 for straights, arcs and spirals
  • Open each in the Vertical Grading Editor and click on the Reset button to get rid of design IP’s
  • Run the Multi Object Setout command and set up the following (you should save this as a style to re-use)
    • Objects to set out (each of the property boundary strings will be listed – highlight them all and click on the ‘edit’ button to set the spacings for all these strings to match with, say, section plotting spacings
    • In Codes to Set Out, add a new entry and set out the CL code (specifying appropriate offsets for the positioning of the text)
    • At the bottom of the form, Output Controls, untick all except Create Points in Drawing
    • Click on the Point Display Output tab
      • Set a layer and text size for the Text
      • Tick on No Leader Line
      • Set the Arrow Size and Cross Size to zero
      • In Reference Alignment at the bottom, select the alignment to use as a reference for chainages (the road centreline).  Specify Max Offset to be 100 and tick on the radio button ‘Reference Alignment’
  • Click Create Setout


During point setout it is not possible to add a CH prefix that will be added by the software.  Below is a link to a .lsp file that will add a command to do the attachment of a prefix (you select all the text – Select Similar on a layer would be quickest) and then run this .lsp (type txtpre at the command line).  You set the prefix then press Enter repeatedly to apply it to each piece of text. 

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