Changing a string to a road, retaining design information #
Posted by Cameron Smith, Last modified by Selwyn Pendergast on 13 March 2020 04:45 PM

When working with a file where roads have been defined using R- in the alignment description, the switch roads and profiles option is not available. To change an existing string/profile to a road, follow these steps:

Extracting current design information.

Open the Vertical Grading for the string to be converted.

Select the Compute VC from Existing Data button, then select Export VC and save the file and exit out of the form.

Open the Design Data Form for the string and select the Export Data button from the bottom right of the form. Save the file in a known location and close the Design Data Form.

From the Edit panel on the Roads ribbon, select the Delete Road Object. Find the String in the list, toggle the delete control to yes, and ensure only Delete Road Objects Only is selected, then click Delete.

Next, run Create/Edit Road and set the object type to Road, and click OK.

In the vertical Grading for the newly created road, select the Compute VC from Existing Data button, select Import VC and open the previously saved VC detail. Apply and Exit.

The design information should now be updated.

Open the Design Data Form and select Import Data from the bottom right. Select the previously saved file and click open and the design data form will be updated.

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09 July 2015 11:13 AM
Thanks Cameron your assistance helped us greatly.
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