Advanced Road Design and Watercom DRAINS - Creating New Pits in DRAINS and transferring to ARD #
Posted by Shane O'Rorke, Last modified by Selwyn Pendergast on 13 March 2020 04:36 PM

Q: I have created a new pit in WaterCom Drains.  How can I transfer that to and equivalent pit in Advanced Road Design?

A: Essentially you create your new pit in DRAINS to get all the flow characteristics. You then export the design data to ARD. Once in ARD you can create a new pit and import the DRAINS pit data.


  1. Inside drains, create a new pit in the pit database.
  2. Once complete, select properties, then copy data. 
  3. Open a new notepad file and paste the data. Save the new file. 
  4. In ARD, click Active Network.  Drainage tab -> Pit tables tab 
  5. Create a new pit family and/or pit type and complete the slope, length & width data. You could also overwrite an existing pit.
  6. Click read data.
  7. Find your text file to import. 

Now you have your new pit created, you need to make sure that the export/import conversion file is set up to read the new ARD pit and the associated pit in DRAINS.

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