Perform a Chainage Shift on a Design #
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Over the course of a designing a job, adjustment may need to be made to an alignment, resulting in a change in the length of the design. This would require the designer to perform a shift of the design RL's and the information in the design data form.

Changing the Vertical Design

The easiest way to add a shift to your chainages by a given amount is via the Grid Editor in the vertical grading editor (VGE).
Open the VGE and click the grid editor button on the far right.

Once the grid editor opens, hold ctrl and click the chainages you wish to apply a shift to. You can also select a range of chainages by holding Shift and Clicking a start and end chainage.
Next click the adjust chainages button, far right button in the bottom left hand group of buttons.
Add an amount to shift the chainages and click ok.

Changing the Design Data

Changes to the edits made in the design data form can be made manually by systematically reviewing data entries and making adjustments, or alternately, export the design data form to a file and then manually edit the file produced. To use this method, when the design data form is first opened, there are import/export data buttons at the bottom right. Save the file, open in a text editor and make and save your changes.

Then using the import data button, bring the updated file back into the Design Data form.

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