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I have created Data Shares from various drawings and shared them to other drawing/s.  Now, I need to move the data share (storage) folder.  What is the process?

When a data share is created, you specify a fixed directory path to store the data.  The path you pick for the data store is appended with a folder with a name containing the drawing name and a unique ID for the drawing.

Typically, best practice will be to network this location and not move/change it for the duration of the project.

When a project reads in a data share, it stores the fixed path to the data it is referencing.  In the event of that path being altered, the software will generate errors including: alignments missing, change default surface, etc.

The fix:

  1. If you know where the share folder/s is/are:
    1. Open the data share path in Windows Explorer so you can copy the path from the address bar.  Each source drawing will be represented in this directory with a folder.
    2. Open the -Data\AdvRoads-10 directory for the receiving project and open the file DataFoldersAdded.txt using Notepad or similar text editing software
      The DataFoldersAdded.txt file contains a reference to the source folders of each contributing project, as well as the objects that have been referenced in.
    3. In this file you will see a structure to the data store.  Example below:
      <SHARE>|E:\Projects\0409\DATA SHARE\0409 CXB fd389b4c-535e-4e62-bf63-3d066d76db2f||||
      <DRAINAGE>|Pipe Networks|0
      <SHARE>|E:\Projects\0409\DATA SHARE\0409 LB 9157fb73-5798-4f64-b4b0-f4e86e4f3a1b||||
      <DRAINAGE>|Pipe Networks|0

      Each line containing <SHARE> defines a data reference to a shared folder of data.  Each line below <SHARE> describes the data that has been shared: surfaces, pipes, alignments and strings are all defined, line by line below a <SHARE> entry.
    4. The path next to the line containing text <SHARE>| needs to be manually edited, so that it points to the new location of the data store.  Save the file.
    5. Open the drawing and it will reconnect with the information in the data store folder
  2. If you don't know where the share folder/s is/are
    1. Firstly, you need to go to each source drawing and recreate the data shares using the Data Share > Create Share command in Civil Site Design.  Pick a centralised location for the data
    2. Repeat the above steps.
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