About CSD Data Backups #
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About Civil Site Design Backups

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY_YWvq8_Jo

Backups store the AdvRoads-10 folder of your project.  This folder is part of the –Data folder that lives with the drawing file

In the Active Drawing Settings > Miscellaneous tab you get to pick how frequently the backups are taken and the storage output - known as the Copy Method (eg: none, ASCII Copy, WinRAS, 7Zip).  If you set the  copy method to None, then no backups are made.  The other options manage how often the backups occur (Time Interval) and if a copy is made when the drawing is opened and a CSD command run (Always copy at Start Up).

To restore a backup you would:

  • Open the -Data folder of your current project
  • Make a backup of the AdvRoads-10 folder
  • Copy the AdvRoads-10 folder from the relevant backup and replace the current AdvRoads-10 folder located in the –Data folder

Note: You must have CAD closed when you do this (or at least the drawing not be open) - otherwise the AdvRoads-10 folder will not be totally replaced).

After copying over, open the drawing and you should be in the backup version

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