ARD - Editing Common Files
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ARD Editing Common or Common-10 Files in Text Editor

All ARD .Net Versions

When the ARD program was converted from VBA coding to .NET, the Common-10 folder was created and all (relevant) files have been created as text files so that they can be edited in any text editor eg NotePad.

This enables the more adventurous users to edit the files directly without using options within ARD.

Please note the following caveats:

1) Keep a backup copy of your original files.

2) There are NO instructions or help on interpreting these files.

3) Edit at your own risk - if the files are changed and errors occur, we may not be able to recover the information.

4) Should you edit the file ensure that it is save-as UTF-8 encoding.  This is especially important when special symbols are needed or used in text fields for plotting and reports eg Ø or m²

All ARD .Net Versions

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