Drainage Plots or Reports contain Weird or Funny Characters
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ARD Drainage Plots or Reports contain Weird or Funny Characters

All ARD .Net Versions

There may be an issue with symbols not plotting as expected, especially the diameter Ø and squared ².
The Software Development Team, are aware of this and a fix has been installed, however there may be cases when this does not work.
It relates to the 'encoding' set on certain files used.  Files saved with encoding other than UTF-8 are affected.
Should the problem occur, it is a matter of editing the appropriate file in a text editor like “NotePad++” and then Convert to UTF-8 in the Encoding menu.

The known files are (there could be others): 


From Common-10 Folder
All - any *.DPD "Plot style files"
DrainPlotting.dat;  DrainReports.dat; drHouseConnects.dat; drServices.dat
HouseConPlotting.dat; PlanPlot.dat; ServicesPlotting.dat; SewerPlotting.dat

From Job “-Data/AdvRoads-10” Folder
DrainPlotting.dat; drHouseConnects.dat

Should Users not have access to such a Text Editor that can convert the encoding to UTF-8; then forward the offending files via a Support Ticket and one of the Application Engineers will convert the files.
Again the Software Development Team have installed a fix, however it may not trap all instances.

All ARD .Net Versions

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