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Posted by Jason Coghlan on 26 November 2013 11:42 AM
Stringer does have a network release command. The command is strreturnlic.

It will allow a user to stop their license on their machine and then let another user to start using Stringer without having to get out of Civil3d altogether. 

It also has a little time difference of about 2mins before the other user can use that license on the other users machine.

Here's how to test if it works for you:
• Get a user other than yourself that has civil3d & Stringer to open a drawing and use stringer command (edit point is a good command to use)
• Now you open Civil3d & Stringer and try to use a stringer command. It shouldn’t allow you to use it saying you don’t have a license or something like that.
• On the first users machine Type strreturnlic in the commandline. This should return the license from the other PC. Make sure you give it a couple of mins first.
• Now on your machine try to use a Stringer command and see if it allows you. You should be able to run the license from the second users now.

If you have any issues with this please dont hesitate in contacting our office again
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