2015 - Stopping the Ribbon from changing
Posted by Jason Coghlan on 17 September 2014 09:28 AM

Here are the steps that you need to turn off the Contextual Tab States in Vanilla AutoCAD 2015

1.            Type CUI in the command line and hit enter

2.            Underneath Quick Access Toolbars is the RIBBON, expand that out

3.            Expand out Contextual Tab States

4.            Go right down the bottom and there should be a Tab that says Layout Selected, expand that out

5.            Click on the Layout underneath that

6.            Right hand side will show data in it now, go to General>Contexual Display Type

7.            Contexual Display Type will be set to FULL WITH FOCUS

8.            Change it to FULL WITHOUT FOCUS

9.            Click OK and the cui will close.

10.          Click on the layout tab in the drawing and now the ribbon won't change to layout. You will have a new tab there Layout but it won't have changed to that tab

That's how you turn off the Contextual Tab States for the Layout

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