Civil 3D - Moving Surfaces #
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 13 March 2020 03:15 PM

How Did My Surface Move in Civil 3D?

Surfaces can be edited by using AutoCAD edits - in particular, the Move and Rotate commands apply to Surfaces and result in the surface being relocated (and/or rotated) after calculating elevations and locations from the source data.

It is easy to accidentally include a surface in a move command, resulting in the surface residing in an offset location from the source data.

To restore the surface back to the original location:

  • Open the Civil 3D Toolspace > Prospector tab
  • Expand Surfaces
  • Expand the named surface
  • Expand Definition
  • Click on Edits. In the list view at the bottom of the toolspace look for an edit starting with the word Transform.
  • Left click on each Transform edit entry, right click and select Delete.

This should bring the surface back to where it was before AutoCAD edits were applied.  A Surface Rebuild may be required.

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