Setting File New folder and QNEW Drawing Template #
Posted by Jason Coghlan on 13 March 2020 04:34 PM
If you want to set your AutoCAD Civil3D up so you have the same DWT for every drawing here are the steps Below
  • In explorer go to C:\Users\(jason.coghlan)\AppData\Local\Autodesk\C3D 2012\enu\Template and create a new folder here.
  • Once you have created that folder add the XXX.dwt to it.
  • The go to your options in Civil3D and select the Files Tab
  • Go down to where it says Template Settings, expand that out
  • Expand out Drawing Template File Location - select the location shown and navigate to you folder created above
  • Then expand out Default Template File Name for QNEW , select the DWT below and then set your DWT as the default.

Now every time you do a file new it will open in the folder with just your DWT in it. Also when you select on the QNEW icon in the top right corner to start a new drawing it will always start with the DWT that you have assigned in the options display.

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