Recommendations for a New Computer/Laptop running Civil Site Design on Civil 3D
Posted by Shane O'Rorke on 26 October 2017 04:09 PM

This is always a very hard question to answer as it depends on how you use your software.

This is the system requirements for Civil 3D 2018:

We recommend 16gb of RAM ( 32 would be great for future updates but RAM can be easily upgraded in the future on a desktop ). A solid state hard drive is good but if you have the data/drawing on the network then the benefits will be reduced, and the graphics card really depends on how much visualization work you do.  You may consider a Quatro or a good gaming card like a 1080 GTX.

Our staff typically opt for a high performance gaming laptop and they don't have any issues with performance of Civil Site Design or Civil 3D.

With CPU more cores are good but the clock speed is what will give you more performance boost as C3D only uses 1 core. Win 10 as the OS.

If you can run C3D, then you can run CSD on the same specs comfortably.

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