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Transferring Customisations from AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011
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If you have a separate partial CUI that contains all your customisations, you can load it into Civil 3D 2011 by running the 'CUI' command. If you have put the customisations into the main CUI, it is NOT recommended you copy the C3D.cuix file from C3D 2010 to C3D 2011, as you will likely disable a lot of Civil 3D 2011 functionality and potentially make the software unusable.

A better way to approach this is as follows:

1. Run the CUI command in C3D 2010.

2. Select the Transfer tab in the top-left.

3. After ensuring that 'New File' is selected on the top of the right-hand column (and not an existing CUIX file), drag the customisations you have made from the left column into the right. This copies them to a new CUIX. You can do this with workspaces, ribbon panels and custom shortcuts. I do not believe you transfer program settings (those contained within the OPTIONS command), as they often change from version to version. You may have some luck with exporting a Profile from the Profiles tab of the OPTIONS dialogue and importing it as a new Profile in C3D 2011, but I recommend just modifying these kinds of system settings manually to avoid corrupting your profile.

4. Once you have finished, save the new partial CUI to a new CUIX file. You can then load this partial CUIX file into C3D 2011; it will contain your previous customisations.
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